Lista de Quirópteros da Paraíba, Brasil com 25 novos registros

José Anderson Feijó, Alfredo Langguth


The state of Paraíba includes part of two large biomes, the Atlantic Forest and the Caatinga. Therefore a considerable diversity of bat species is expected. The purpose of this paper is to communicate the first list of species of bats recorded for this state based on the scientific collections of the UFPB and UFPE. Considering the data already available in the literature and the 25 species recorded for the first time in this work, the bat fauna of Paraíba reaches 53 species. However, there are still large sampling gaps in the caatinga of the state. The diversity of bats in Paraíba compared to that of Pernambuco is lower. Fifty-one species of bats recorded in Paraíba also occur in Pernambuco, another 18 species were registered only in Pernambuco and two species occur only in Paraíba.

Keywords: Paraiba, Chiroptera, New records

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