Leucismo en Eptesicus furinalis (d’Orbigny y Gervais, 1847) (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) en la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina

Fabricio M. Idoeta, L.J.M. de Santis, Ruben M. Braquez


In this communication we report a case of leucism in Eptesicus furinalis at a hygrophilus forest in Iberá, Corrientes, Argentina. Leucism, frequently erroneously referred as partial albinism, is an aberrant coloration, as a consequence of genetic mutations. Unlike albinism, which is characterized by the complete loss of a particular pigment or the loss of all pigments, except those of soft tissues, which retain the typical coloration. The specimen collected, a female, has an atypically colored fur, both dorsally and ventrally, but with the characteristic coloration of the species in the eyes and patagium.

Keywords: Leucism, bats, forest island, Iberá

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